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About MOA and its Principles


Mike Forrest has worked in the Atlanta metro area in the construction industry for over 35 years.  A businessman known for his honesty and integrity.

Member of the Board of Directors and founder of Forrest Drywall, Inc over 25 years ago; he remains active in all aspects of its daily operations as CEO.  He oversees estimating, budgeting, planning, designing, contracting and negotiating of high-end custom drywall in both the residential and commercial industries.  He prides himself in maintaining a strong customer base and strives to preserve a reputation of integrity and strong customer service.

It was his vision and relentless work that led to the set up of MOA's new and innovative networking system. In conjunction with the IT professionals he's hired, his goal is and continues to be ease of access for our clients while maintaining the highest levels of security and integrity.


Diane Forrest has also worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years.  Graduate of Briarcliff Secretarial College on Long Island, NY and previous VP and board member of Beazer Homes in Atlanta; her executive experience comes from inside the office.  All aspects of management, accounting, contracts, negotiations, mortgage administration, budgeting, building and real estate.

As a co-founder of Forrest Drywall, Inc. she complements Mike by being the CFO and office manager of MOA.  "You cannot survive the number of years we have without a strong work ethic and superior customer service.  We pride ourselves on retention and fair business practices."


                                         MOA was formed out of necessity.

When the building industry started slowing down in 2005; we, as many of our associates, no longer had the need for full-time administrative help or costly office space.  That's when several of us pooled our resources to reduce overhead, minimize staffing costs and combine office space.

We found it easy to run multiple companies out of one office with the use of a paperless environment.  Everything organized, in one place and at our fingertips.  Managing a variety of businesses helped us streamline a model easily adaptable to any type of industry.

Recently, we invested in our own server, bringing
MOA to the next level - Remote Access.  Each of our clients now has access to all their files, anywhere - anytime, simply by logging on to their own secure site through a web browser. 

Combining experience and staff has become the most economical way to run a small business while maintaining a high quality of professionalism in both image and workflow.
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