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We tailor our plans to fit your individual business and personal needs.  One monthly fee provides
you with consistent services, experienced staff, state of the art computers & software, supplies, a paperless work environment, remote access to your business and access to our conference room.

  Business   Personal  
  Mix and match the services you need.  From part-time to full time, simple to complex; we are here to compliment your success and aid in your growing Business.  Never worry about someone calling in sick or going on vacation when you need them most.  you will be fully staffed all the time.  We'll be happy to add services for you if we don't currently provide them. We offer personal financial services with the same security as our business plans.  Paperless solutions that put all your paperwork and documents on your computers at home, office or on the road anytime, anywhere. Take the cost and hassle out of tax season with accurate and complete documentation for all your expenses.  Be prepared when your young student applies for that so needed scholarship.  
Price determined on services requested Price determined on services requested
  Full Time Plan  =  40 hours per week Full Time Plan  =  40 hours per week  
  Part Time Plans  =  5 hours or more per week Part Time Plans  =  5 hours or more per week  
  Investors One-Time Services  
  If you invest in real estate, you may need our bookkeeping services - pay mortgage payments, collect and deposit rent.  Let us take your renters telephone calls, investigate complaints and manage your repair requests. Any one-time business or personal service that you wish to use our services for

  Call us for more information about this service Price determined on services requested  
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